Goodbye, TBOJ: An obituary to my blog

on Sunday, July 03, 2011   27 comments

You know that part of Air Bud when Josh tries to make his dog Buddy run away? "GO!" he screams. "Get out of here! Don't you understand?!" All the poor dog can do is stare back at his owner with his tail between his legs and dejection in his eyes. "You're giving up on me?" That's sort of the look that I imagine my blog (my veritable pet) is giving me right now.


I'm setting TBOJ free. I'm letting go of what has been my passion-project for the last four years. It's no secret that I've had my ups and downs with the whole blogging lifestyle. I've quit my blog not once, not twice, but three times, only to start writing again a few months later. Blogging—at least news-based blogging—is tough stuff!

One thing that has never waned, though, is my interest in the box office. I live and breathe that stuff, and I can truly say that analyzing the box office is my passion through and through. Why? Only God knows that—but I love it, and I intend to always write and think about it.

The reality is that it was difficult to work so hard for so long on a website that makes almost no money. Whoever said that blogs are already replacing traditional media didn't know what he was talking about. A regular person just can't build a successful entertainment website out of his bedroom, working for dozens of hours a week and earning nothing.

This blog was an incredible place to muse about the film industry. I made predictions, wrote weekend reports, shot videos, wrote reviews—it was a total joy having TBOJ as my hobby. It allowed me to think critically and hone my skills as a writer, skills which I now get to bring to Entertainment Weekly, my lifelong favorite magazine, where I am newly hired. It's pretty incredible.

You see, TBOJ was always a means to an end. I never intended to make a full-time living operating this little site. Its purpose was always to serve as an example of my writing—a resumé of sorts. Thankfully, I've moved past that need. I have a job now, a dream job, that allows me to make a living writing about movies. What could be better?

Thank you to everyone that ever read this website. Your readership, emails, comments (both encouragements and criticisms), and attention have meant so much to me over the years.  You all have been the most wonderful readers and supporters. Many of you have stuck with me through all my years of fickle blogging, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

I hope you will all join me on my next adventure and read my stuff in Entertainment Weekly and on It's an exciting new chapter of my life, and having reached this point helps me to close the TBOJ chapter with a big smile on my face. On to bigger and better things! If you want to stay up-to-date with what I'm doing, please follow me on Twitter.

All the best,

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