DVD/Blu-Ray Sales: 'Tangled' begins fairy-tale run with 5.1M combined copies sold! 'Black Swan' not as dreamy

on Wednesday, April 13, 2011  

The-Numbers has just posted its weekly DVD Sales Chart, and after only one week of release, Disney's Tangled has already become the highest-selling DVD of the year. The Rapunzel film towered over the rest of the competition, selling a combined DVD/Blu-Ray total of 5.1 million units. That's a huge number for the animated princess film, which earned a strong $199.4M in theaters, and it it serves as a good reminder that when it comes to merchandising, Disney is unbeatable. Tangled, sold 3.46 million DVDs and earned $51.9 million in sales.

Black Swan glided into second place with a rather underwhelming debut of 632,000 DVDs and $9.5M. Most $100M box office earners start substantially higher than this, but Black Swan isn't the kind of film that people want to watch over and over again—it's just too creepy! Megamind continued its strong home market run, pushing 175,000 copies and lifting its total to 2.7M units and $37.6M in revenue. Yogi Bear was fourth with 170,000 copies, and Mad Men: Season Four was close behind in fifth, moving a solid 140,000 DVDs for $3.9M sales. Mad Men only nets about 1.5M viewers per episode, which means that about 10% of its regular viewership purchased it on DVD this week. Add in the 47,000 Blu-Ray copies it sold, and that number is even higher. Yowza!

Full DVD Sales Chart and Blu-Ray Sales Estimates after the jump:

DVD Sales for Week Ending April 3, 2011
RankPrev. RankTitleUnits this Week% ChangeTotal UnitsSales this WeekTotal SalesWeeks in Release
2(-)Black Swan632,488-.-%632,488$9,480,995$9,480,9951
4(1)Yogi Bear169,726-74.4%834,014$2,544,193$12,501,8702
5(-)Mad Men: Season Four139,937-.-%139,937$3,916,837$3,916,8371
6(2)The Tourist133,356-77.4%723,178$2,532,430$12,217,3082
7(3)How Do You Know132,974-48.7%392,312$2,525,176$6,819,8142
8(4)The Fighter98,718-61.7%1,215,553$1,578,501$18,394,5263
9(-)Fair Game87,287-.-%87,287$1,308,432$1,308,4321
11(6)Barbie: A Fairy Secret76,203-65.4%910,675$1,033,313$11,455,8683
13(-)How to Train Your Dragon69,622-.-%6,054,066$1,073,627$115,584,77025
16(9)Jackass 3D63,734-27.6%876,763$1,215,579$15,758,1444
19(10)Due Date52,650-40.1%1,766,561$766,584$25,488,5516
20(15)Despicable Me46,165-36.9%7,362,592$939,947$128,590,60316
21(8)The Switch44,680-50.6%416,186$695,221$6,264,0963
22(-)Evangelion: 2.22 You Can [Not] Advance41,912-.-%41,912$418,701$418,7011
23(20)The Walking Dead: Season One36,305-32.7%512,683$694,515$9,310,9434
24(21)Morning Glory32,504-31.6%365,576$552,243$6,211,1364
25(-)The Ten Commandments32,213-.-%-$434,553-956
26(23)Love & Other Drugs31,991-32.1%692,863$557,283$11,525,0335
27(25)127 Hours21,766-39.0%500,475$348,038$7,613,0915
28(26)Life As We Know It20,982-40.6%1,140,792$314,520$16,306,0518
29(24)The Next Three Days19,233-52.7%426,274$277,340$5,250,8224
30(27)Weeds: Season Six19,159-24.4%378,726$492,386$9,227,5166

Over on Blu-Ray, Tangled continued to crush the competition, moving a magnificent 1.7M copies. That makes Tangled the fastest-selling Blu-Ray title since Inception, and the strong sales reveal the ever-increasing potential for family films in the Blu-Ray format. Black Swan landed in second with about 333,000 copies. The ballet drama was stuck in the middle of a Disney sandwich, as Bambi: Diamond Edition was third for the week, moving another 62,000 copies. Full Blu-Ray estimates below:

Blu-Ray Sales Estimates for Week Ending April 3, 2011
RankTitleUnits this Week
1 Tangled 1,680,000
2 Black Swan 333,144
3 Bambi: Diamond Edition 61,992
4 Mad Men: Season 4 47,208
5 The Ten Commandments 43,848
6 The Tourist 43,008
7 Megamind 42,168
8 Yogi Bear 39,816
9 The Fighter 35,784
10 Evangelion: 2.22 — You Can (Not) Advance 34,944
11 Jackass 3D 29,064
12 Planet Earth: The Complete Series 25,704
13 Secretariat 23,688
14 Burlesque 23,520
15 Fair Game 23,352
16 Unstoppable 23,016
17 Faster 21,672
18 Beauty and the Beast: Diamond Edition 19,992
19 Due Date 18,144
20 Skyline 17,472


Reed Arnold said...


That is all.

Jose Salvador said...


When kids want something you just have to buy it for them. I wonder how much of those blu-rays are from the 3D copies.

And that's a shockingly low number for Black Swan. I wonder if it'll even be able to do $30 million.

Grady Smith said...

Jose, I have no idea about the 3D copies. That would be a fascinating thing to find some stats about.

And yeah, Black Swan is one of those critical darlings that makes bank in theaters, but then underwhelms on the home market.

Uk said...

When I first saw "Black Swan" my first thought was, How dare they! I am an ardent ballet fan and dancer, "Swan Lake" is one of my favorite ballets

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