100 Word Review: 'Hanna'

on Sunday, April 17, 2011  

Joe Wright, welcome to my personal A-list. You've got an eye for beautiful sets and exciting locations, and you execute some of the most complicated tracking shots I've ever seen on film. Wright’s latest effort, Hanna, is a gorgeously shot, ambitiously complex thriller about a government experiment gone wrong, and it’s rife with daddy issues as well. Fight scenes are flashy and well-choreographed, but the films drags a bit at the center. Still, Hanna is carried handily by it’s stunning production design and the fine duo of Cate Blanchett and Saoirse Ronan, who emit grit and poise in equal measure. B+


Brandon said...

Reading this, I thought, "uhuh. yeh. hmm." and then got to the last sentence. Wow. Writing like an official movie critic, now - "carried handily" and "emit in equal measure."- haha. I cannot compete with that writing, mr smith. lol

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