MTC Tracking: 'Paul', 'Lincoln Lawyer', 'Limitless', provide only limited appeal

on Monday, March 14, 2011  

Tracking reports have come out for this weekend's new releases: Paul, Simon Pegg's alien encounter spoof, Limitless, a wonder-drug-themed thriller, and The Lincoln Lawyer, a generic looking legal drama. Per usual (AGAIN this week), the numbers are looking ugly. Check out these early weekend box office predictions:

Paul – $15 million
Were Battle: Los Angeles and Mars Needs Moms really not enough to satisfy the alien lovers? Paul, a comedy starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as comic book geeks who befriend an alien during a cross country road trip, is likely to be a bit too geeky for its own good, and I'd guess that $15M is on the high end of expectations. Plus British comedy is always a tough sell for American audiences.

Limitless – $15 million
Limitless, meanwhile, could exceed expectations. The film has done a good job targeting its desired male demographic (but then again, in this post-Inception world, what films aren't targeting young male audiences these days?) by casting Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro and showcasing flashy action in the ads, but Limitless doesn't feel like enough of an event to really breakout.

The Lincoln Lawyer – $13 million
This legitimately looks like an episode of Law and Order: SVU... starring Matthew McConaughey. I (and most others) will skip this session.

[via HSX]
MTC Tracking stands for "Major Theater Chain" tracking. These numbers are taken from box office tracking reports that are sent out to theater owners and posted anonymously on HSX.


Brandon said...

I have been looking forward to paul since I saw the trailer. I'm not really attracted to the feel of the movie or the plot, but Hot Fuzz is probably one of my favorite comedies... so I want to see this at some point. I think I first saw Hott Fuzz when I was studying in England, so I loved the British humor and hope that Paul lives up to it at least a bit.

Anonymous said...

Paul is really funny, but it's not british humour like you'd expect, this is more american farcial comedy, so really if the film were to be more appropriately marketed as the kind of movie it actually is, it should be big.

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