New And News: Wait, Tracy Morgan Is In Cop Out? I Just Assumed He'd Be The Star Of The Crazies...

on Monday, February 22, 2010  

What better way to start off your week than with a new edition of New And News?  After a week with just one new release, this weekend churns out two new flicks, and though Cop Out and The Crazies are hoping to laugh/scare up some major business, neither is likely to open as well as Shutter Island.  Head on inside for a preview of each of these films, as well as some depressing news about the American Pie franchise, some more reasons to hate the Oscars, and a truly wretched movie idea.


Cop Out (Warner Bros) - 3,100 theaters - Reviews
Pretty much your standard buddy cop comedy.  Bruce Willis stars as a detective who must cash in his most valuable baseball card in order to pay for his daughter's wedding.  However, when the card gets stolen, Willis must team up with his crime fighting partner, Tracy Morgan, to solve the case.  Unfortunately, Morgan seems to be preoccupied with suspicions of his wife's infidelity, and if he wasn't irritable enough already, he then has to enlist the help of an obnoxious stoner (Seann William Scott) to solve the case.  The trailer for Cop Out didn't look especially spectacular, but if you're a 30 Rock fan, you're well aware of the comedic force of Tracy Morgan.  Coupled with Seann William Scott's goofball humor and Bruce Willis' everyman appeal, this could be a mid-level hit, though it hasn't received enough of an advertising push to really break out.

The Crazies (Overture) - 2,400 theaters - Reviews
This loose remake of the George Romero classic (according to the press release) takes place where most classic horror movies do: in a small town in the middle of nowhere.  When a strange toxin infects the water supply of a tiny village in Kansas, the residents begin to go insane, becoming sadistically violent and killing each other.  Insert an overly confident protagonist, an undeveloped romance with an attractive blonde, some extremely disturbing acts of gruesome violence, and it sounds like a recipe for a perfectly generic modern horror movie.  In a similar way, I'm guessing The Crazies will see some perfectly generic results.  Maybe $35-40 million in its run, followed by a short but strong life on DVD, followed by no one remembering anything about it.


A New American Pie Film Is In The Works
Does this mean Tara Reid might actually get a job again?!  The LA Times reports that Universal has hired writers Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, who penned Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle, to pen American Pie 4, a potential theatrical release which may act as a sequel or a reboot for the American Pie franchise, which has been reduced to a direct-to-video franchise in the last few years.  Personally, I think this is a cry for help from Universal after The Wolfman's financial bust.  The actors that appeared in the original teen sex comedy back in 1999 are in their 30s now, and though some are interested in appearing, I doubt Alyson Hannigan and Seann William Scott really need the work that badly.  Just give it up, Universal.

Oscar Nominees Told To Prepare Two Speeches
According to Reuters, producers of the Oscars have asked nominees to produce two speeches, one for the crowd that focuses on what the award means to them personally, and one for the "Thank You Cam" backstage where they can say all their thank-yous to the people that helped them get there.  Wonderful. Now we can dote even more upon a tiny group of recognized actors and simultaneously ignore the rest of the cast and crew- because they don't really do anything important, right?

Someone Is Building An Erector Set Movie
You know the little metal trinkets that kids used to play with back in the day?  The ones you could make bridges or cranes or cars out of?  Yea, well according to IGN, those toys are getting the big screen treatment thanks to Helix Films and the Meccano Toy Company.  Am I excited?  No!  Movies shouldn't be based on inanimate objects- they should be based on stories!


Rohan B said...

As a fan of 30 Rock, I love Tracy Morgan. He's the only reason I may see Cop Out. May see.

kevin said...

I was going down the Kevin Smith directing route - but then it's not one of his scripts so maybe not.

Then again, I might.

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