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on Tuesday, March 31, 2009   4 comments

As I sit here, putting off pages of reading I have due tomorrow morning, I decided now would be a great time to hone my new-found blogging skills and procrastinate from any real productivity. Or rather, what professors see as real productivity. Who's to say writing a blog isn't productive? Yea, my professors will probably lower my grade because I know none of the material. Oh well.

Anyways, my name is Reed, I am a twenty year-old sophomore in college. I also happen to love movies. When I was younger and played 'pretend' (something I wish were still socially acceptable... simpler times), I would imagine I was making a movie or a television show. I had a superhero, named "Super Strong," and while he sometimes went on his own daring adventures, he was often starring in a biopic about them. Were I a braver soul, I would work to get involved in the film business, whether that were writing screenplays, directing, producing, or any of those dream jobs that would result in me living in a gutter. At least I'd have water!

Anyway, I'm just a guy that loves going to movies. I've literally spent years on message boards and other blogs leaving comments (if you've ever encountered someone with the 'Reebee,' on a message board, blog, or Xbox live, it's me. Reed:Reebee :: Thomas Anderson:Neo). I've wanted to do something like this for a while, and Grady, being a good friend, has acquiesced me the right to post on his blog.

Watching a movie is a unique escape, a brief amount of time where you can be absorbed in another world. Reading has similar affects, and I love it as well, but there's something about the ensemble that is required in movies that appeals to me. I respect movies for what they're trying to do. I give a movie like Dumb and Dumber a 9/10, because it's one of my favorite comedies. I've seen it ten thousand times and always laugh, and it has a great diarrhea gag. Then I'll see a movie like The Reader and give it an 8.4/10. Does it mean I really think Dumb and Dumber a better movie? Of course not. They are different movies made to achieve different means.

Favorite movie lists are too difficult for me, primarily for the reasons above. I could say the Godfather and sound like everyone else (though... It might be true) or I could say The Dark Knight and sound up with the times (again... that might be true). And most anything made by Disney, particularly Disney/Pixar, tends to make me smile like a giddy four year old.

LEAST favorite movies, however, are much easier. That will come soon. Nicolas Cage stars in one of them, and one of them is French. Start taking guesses. (It's okay, Nic. You were in The Rock and Con Air, two films of pure, manly bad-ass-ness. Also you named your son Kal, after Kal-El, Superman's real name).

Which brings me to an important point: I'm a Superman fanatic, and a Batman fan. It's not a lifelong obsession, actually something that's developed in the last two or three years, but it's an oddly large part of my life, at least my online life. This is just warning, that when news of the next Superman movie comes out, and when that news isn't terrible or isn't proven false four hours later, I'll be incredibly excited.

So that's me in a very small and shallow nutshell! I look forward to this.

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The Top 5 Most Awesomely Bad Films Starring The Cast Of "Fast And Furious"

on Tuesday, March 31, 2009   14 comments

List Wednesday (on Tuesday) is here! I've never backed off from saying that I'm pretty excited for this weekend's "Fast And Furious," the eight-years-later sequel to 2001's The Fast And The Furious that finally reunites the original cast. The main three players in the film, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and Michelle Rodriguez, were probably thrilled when their agents called them and offered these roles, because their careers haven't exactly been on fire lately. In fact, they've made some downright bad movies in the last few years. Read my list of the casts' Top 5 Most Awesomely Bad Films, and then let me know what additions or subtractions you might make in the comments:

5. Running Scared
I actually kind of like this Paul Walker movie, even if it is so frenetic it made my head hurt. The energy is turned up to an all time max, and it's confusing to know what's going on, and the film certainly isn't good, but whatever, the implausible plot and action are rather entertaining.

4. The Pacifier
The gimmick of this comedy was supposed to be that Vin Diesel was this huge action star that had been made into a nanny. Think Kindergarten Cop. It would have worked better had Diesel had more action films than just XXX and The Fast And The Furious on his resume. It also would have worked better had it been funny. I still remember the Peter Panda Dance, though...

3. Chronicles of Riddick
I think I saw part of this on USA one night, probably in between airings of Legally Blonde and The Replacements. Riddick was so dark, bizarre, and confusing, that it really wasn't any fun to watch, and the dialogue was laughably cheesy. This sci-fi does get style points, though.

2. Into The Blue
Paul Walker and Jessica Alba as treasure hunters wearing kiddie snorkel gear. This wouldn't have made it to $20 million at the box office without Jessica Alba in a bikini. Thank goodness for the horndogs of the world!

1. BloodRayne
Michelle Rodriguez, what went wrong in 2005? You get a DUI, you get killed off of Lost the same season you're introduced because everyone hates your character, and then you star in this dreck by Uwe Boll! Why do people let this man make movies?

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DVD Sales: Fangirls Snatch Up 4.6 Million Twilight DVD's In One Week!

on Tuesday, March 31, 2009   1 comments

Here's the latest sales chart via The-Numbers, along with my DVD Sales Notes for the week ending March 22:

-Holy mother-flippin vampire blood! Twilight just earned $83 million in DVD sales in just one week! With 4.6 million units sold, all I can say is that this is absolute craziness. My favorite niche market, the fangirls, were out in full force this week, and I think Summit is very wise to be working so hard to get the sequel, New Moon, into theaters this November. This is a notoriously fickle fanbase (hence why former top-dog High School Musical 3: Senior Year has only earned $45 million after five weeks), and they need to cash in on the Twilight franchise while they still can. This performance is very impressive.

-The ever-frustrating, ever-fascinating Disney Vault has worked its magic once again. Now out for the second week of its latest re-release, Pinocchio has earned a pretty great $31.5 million over the last two weeks. Not bad, considering all that Disney really has to do for these classics is add a couple special features to the DVD and call them collector's items. If only the Stuart Little Vault were so effective...

-Go, Barbie! The successful Barbie film franchise has released yet another successful straight-to-DVD tale. Barbie Presents: Thumbelina earned a solid $5.4 million in its first week. As a big brother with a 7-year-old sister, I've seen so many more of these movies than I'm proud to admit, and while they may not be very good, they're wholesome and harmless, so I don't really mind. These have their own sort of cult, mini-fangirl following, which I find amusing.

-Otherwise, Role Models is having a solid run, with total sales of $23 million for the bro-comedy. Beverly Hills Chihuahua is having a more solid run, with $42 million after four weeks. And (lack of) audiences continue to emphasize that they just don't want to see Milk.

Top 30 DVD Sales for the Week Ending March 22
RankTitleUnits this Week% ChangeTotal UnitsSales this WeekTotal SalesWeeks in Release
1 Twilight 4,648,835 -.-% 4,648,835 $83,632,542 $83,632,542 0
2 Pinocchio 470,462 -66.4% - $7,993,149 - 491
3 Barbie Presents: Thumbelina 364,004 -.-% 364,004 $5,376,339 $5,376,339 1
4 Role Models 325,418 -69.3% 1,385,263 $5,528,852 $23,535,618 2
5 Beverly Hills Chihuahua 261,729 -53.1% 2,428,109 $4,185,047 $42,421,654 3
6 Punisher: War Zone, The 251,037 -.-% 251,037 $4,558,832 $4,558,832 1
7 Transporter 3 231,512 -63.0% 857,816 $4,164,901 $15,432,110 2
8 Australia 136,211 -46.2% 1,142,413 $2,081,304 $19,176,676 3
9 High School Musical 3: Senior Year 113,432 -24.5% 2,525,348 $2,128,722 $45,096,898 5
10 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 109,713 -32.4% 4,801,581 $1,786,106 $78,693,647 7
11 Milk 90,187 -64.9% 347,064 $1,622,464 $6,243,681 2
12 Boy in the Striped Pajamas, The 72,987 -52.0% 225,153 $1,459,010 $4,500,808 2
13 Bolt 72,057 -.-% 72,057 $1,202,487 $1,202,487 0
14 Stuart Little 56,251 -.-% - $477,571 - 466
15 Cadillac Records 54,856 -57.9% 185,184 $932,003 $3,481,219 2
16 Rachel Getting Married 54,391 -58.2% 184,579 $1,087,276 $3,689,734 2
17 Fireproof 52,997 -6.8% 1,372,738 $926,918 $23,694,010 8
18 Haunting of Molly Hartley, The 51,651 11.5% 256,760 $1,032,503 $4,934,460 4
19 JAG - The Eighth Season 51,602 -.-% 51,602 $2,049,115 $2,049,115 1
20 Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, The 50,672 -.-% - $0 - 483
21 South Park - The Complete Twelfth Season 49,743 -54.6% 159,213 $1,541,536 $4,934,011 2
22 Body of Lies 46,488 -29.6% 844,704 $937,984 $16,102,315 5
23 WALL-E 44,694 -14.6% 8,513,684 $820,162 $134,355,215 18
24 Zack and Miri Make a Porno 43,736 -11.5% 922,872 $874,283 $16,879,181 7
25 Quarantine 43,710 0.6% 475,888 $873,763 $9,381,912 5
26 Max Payne 41,560 0.6% 1,211,654 $675,986 $22,351,585 9
27 Dark Knight, The 41,072 -14.4% 12,600,595 $783,637 $218,748,210 15
28 Lakeview Terrace 38,585 7.4% 1,061,788 $655,559 $17,818,937 8
29 Eagle Eye 37,656 -.-% 2,033,275 $739,455 $35,640,517 12
30 Space Buddies 36,049 -31.3% 1,785,827 $576,424 $26,850,741 7

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The Recession-Proof Industry! MovieTickets Lands A Sweet Deal With Florida Theaters

on Monday, March 30, 2009   12 comments

This story is pretty impressive. MovieTickets just inked a deal with Muvico theaters to provide online ticketing systems, and it looks like online ticketing is really starting to replace traditional ticket buying. (Jeez, between this and the failing newpaper industry, it seems like people have some sort of vendetta against printed paper...) Maybe it's because I almost always go to a Regal Entertainment Group theater and see Fandango ads there, but I had no idea that MovieTickets was a formidable competitor. Here's the story from THR (emphasis added):

MovieTickets on Monday unveiled a deal to provide online movie-ticketing services for Muvico theaters in Florida.

The deal -- announced on the first day of the ShoWest confab here -- brings MovieTickets' pacts with theatrical exhibitors to a total of 150 circuits. The online ticker said its Internet activity also is approaching another milestone, as it nears 100 million ticket sold.

"This is a landmark accomplishment," MovieTickets exec vp Joel Coen said. "To reach 150 exhibitors and for us to be on pace for a record-breaking 2009 really speaks to the recession-proof nature of moviegoing and the strength of the services we provide."

MovieTickets has added 15 exhibitors and some 1,000 screens to its service network in the past six months, Coen added. Its chief competitor Fandango has fewer circuit relationships but vastly more screens in its online-ticketing network.
What about you? Do you get your tickets online? If you do, what do you use: Fandango or MovieTickets? Let me know in the comments

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Weekend Fix: Monsters vs. Aliens Is Huge, But Not Quite Out Of This World

on Sunday, March 29, 2009   0 comments

Monsters Vs. Aliens had a $58 million weekend that the big wigs at Dreamworks have to be pleased with, but with just alright 69% positive reviews at RT, and animation that doesn't look groundbreakingly amazing, this won't be the blockbuster that everyone seemed to think it would be. It's a slight victim of high expectations, but still, it should be a solid $200 million earner.

I might be more impressed by The Haunting In Connecticut, which came out of nowhere and earned $23 million this weekend. Whether we like it or not, horror is back, and it's lucrative again! This kind of movie is Lionsgate's bread and butter, and between this and Madea Goes To Jail ($88 million so far), the small studio is having a great Spring.

Here are the full results for the weekend:

Top 12 For March 27-29
Movie Title
3-Day Gross
% Change
1 Monsters Vs. Aliens
$58,200,000 New $14,181$58,200,000
2 The Haunting In Connecticut
$23,010,000 New $8,422$23,010,000
3 Knowing
$14,705,000 -40% $4,407$46,220,012
4 I Love You, Man
$12,600,000 -29% $4,637$37,007,000
5 Duplicity
$7,556,470 -46% $2,930$25,638,850
6 Race To Witch Mountain
$5,637,000 -56% $1,725$53,295,000
7 12 Rounds
$5,300,000 New
8 Watchmen
$2,755,000 -59%
9 Taken
$2,700,000 -33%
10 The Last House On The Left
$2,611,160 -55% $1,160$28,459,195
11 Sunshine Cleaning
$1,344,000 100%
12 Slumdog Millionaire
$1,135,000 -58% $1,351$139,311,581
All Numbers Provided By Exhibitor Relations Co.

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I'm Considering Getting Back Into This....

on Saturday, March 28, 2009   11 comments

So guys, guess what? I'm back, and I brought my tremendously fickle blog feelings with me! Basically, I've got a lot of time on my hands. If you need proof, just watch the video above...

Right now, I'm considering coming back to my blog. I've been kinda working on my other website, MusicalYouTube, lately, but the simple truth is that I'm just not as interested in the music world as I am in the film industry! I think I want to start work on The Box Office Junkie again. I've got to learn to keep things shorter and sweeter, though. An essay isn't always needed.

Is anyone interested in hearing from me again? Anyone care? Anyone still actually reading? Let me know in the comments!

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