5 Reasons Entertainment Weekly Should Give Me A Summer Internship

on Wednesday, November 04, 2009  

This week's Wednesday List is in a slightly different format.  It's 60% on video, 40% in text, and 100% shameless.  Basically, I've always wanted to get a Summer internship at Entertainment Weekly, my favorite entertainment magazine.  Well, the time is coming around for me to start applying, and I figured, "Why not suck up a little bit in the process?  Can't hurt, right?"  Anyway, if you're an EW reader, you'll really like this.  If you aren't an EW reader, well, you probably still will.  Watch the video above to check out reasons 1-3, and then click on inside to see reasons 4 and 5!  Hope you enjoy!

4. I Can Deal With Hate
Working online for the past two years has taught me that people are going to say rude things to you all the time.  People feel anonymous and say things that they would never say to your face.  Terrible things!  At first, this really bothered me, and I would delete those comments, but over time, I've come to love it when people bash an article or video of mine.  Not only is it hilarious, but it helps drive up your traffic ranking!  My favorite recent comment: "I can't take a grown man seriously who has a bunk bed in his room."  HA!  Therefore, if I were to write a short piece for EW (which probably wouldn't happen), and all the readers tore it to shreds, I could handle that!

5. I Got Skillz
I mean, working in the print industry these days is quickly becoming more like working in the online world.  This is my forté!  Plus, in a video-streaming society, I ain't too shabby at editing videos or talking to the camera.  Working at EW offices and getting to see how EW.com is operated, would be the opportunity of a lifetime.


Reed Arnold said...

Grady if anyone deserves this, it's you. I can only hope this finds the necessary eyes.

I loved the "Heroes" comment by the way. I'm impressed you managed to keep up, I abandoned the sinking ship long ago.

Anonymous said...

Grady your video is circling the Entertainment Weekly offices! I work on the business side and I even got it sent to me! Best of luck, hope you will be here this summer!

Anonymous said...

You better get in there quick -- there are rumors about EW's impending demise. I hope it's not true!

Krystal said...

Set up a Demand It site like for Paranormal Activity. Get everybody across North America to demand you get that EW summer internship!!

P.S. I liked reason #4 the best - a sense of humour is always a good thing.

Grady Smith said...

Haha! There's an idea!
Krystal, you're the greatest!

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