Weekend Fix: Hannah Montana Rules The Easter Roost

on Sunday, April 12, 2009  

Sorry about the delay in getting this week's Weekend Fix posted, but I was at home celebrating my birthday and Easter with my family. It was a great weekend. Anyway, at this point, if you're a box office follower, you already know that The Hannah Montana Movie crushed the competition with $34 million, Observe And Report underwhelmed with $11.1 million, and Dragonball: Evolution flat out flopped with a very sad $4.6 million. You already know that Fast And Furious dipped a large 59% to $28.7 million, while Monsters Vs. Aliens had a much softer 31% drop to $22.6 million, giving them $118 million and $144 million, respectively. You already know that Knowing and I Love You, Man saw tiny drops of 18% and 17%, further verifying their leggy nature. Thus, because I know that you know these things, because I know that you have other box office websites you visit, because I know that a generic summation of the weekend's events would be pointless, I'm not going to do a regular write-up. Let me just sum up what I noticed this weekend in a few bullet points:

1. Once again, the fangirls have flexed their box office muscle. With the Twilight DVD already having sold 6 million copies in its first two weeks, and the fantastic $34 million opening of The Hannah Montana Movie, tween girls are proving themselves to be one of the most lucrative audiences in America. Young girls defintely displayed more buying power than the guys Observe And Report was targeting, and certainly more than Dragonball's disinterested gamer audience.

2. Miley Cyrus, Tyra Banks, and Taylor Swift are going to take over the world. Honestly, Disney nabbed up all three moguls for The Hannah Montana Movie, and I'm a bit weary of the founding of this triumvirate of power. Seriously, people, we need to be concerned! We live in a country with more women than men, and if these ladies grab enough influence, we might be mandated to sing, dance, make myspace videos, and smile with our eyes until the day we die!

3. Seth Rogen is no Paul Blart. The actor has had a rough run in the recession. Zack And Miri Make A Porno only found $31.4 million last year, and Observe And Report stumbled out of the gate with $11.4 million. It looks like while comedy is in, mean comedy is not. I Love You, Man is just as bawdy, but it's thriving, probably because it seemed like a whole lot more fun than Observe And Report. We're in the Era Of Easy Entertainment- audiences don't want to think too hard, and the Rogen/Faris comedy looked a bit drab and not lighthearted enough.

4. Sunshine Cleaning, after adding 119 theaters, held right where it was last week at $1.8 million dollars. The Amy Adams and Emily Blunt film is becoming a nice, little sleeper hit.

Top 12 For April 10-12
Movie Title
3-Day Gross
% Change
1 Hannah Montana The Movie
New $10,904
2 Fast And Furious
$28,782,880 -59% $8,290$118,042,070
3 Monsters Vs. Aliens $22,617,000 -31% $5,468$141,009,000
4 Observe And Report
$11,140,000 New $4,085$11,140,000
5 Knowing
$6,670,000 -18% $2,280$68,006,117
6 I Love You, Man
$6,412,000 -17% $2,426$58,997,000
7 The Haunting In Connecticut
$5,710,000 -40%
8 Dragonball: Evolution
$4,650,000 New
9 Adventureland
$3,433,000 -40%
10 Duplicity
$2,996,625 -28% $1,525$36,848,220
11 Race To Witch Mountain
$2,000,000 -38%
12 Sunshine Cleaning $1,804,000 0% $3,017$7,223,257
All Numbers Provided By Exhibitor Relations Co.


Reed said...

number 2 sounds like your paradise!

katikat said...

Yes, F&F dropped 59%, on the other hand, on Saturday, it beat Hannah Montana so...

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