Weekend Fix: Audiences Are Obsessed With Beyoncé!

on Monday, April 27, 2009  

Wow, this is late, and I know it seems like that is becoming a trend, but I had 18 pages of writing due today for finals, and that's kind of been consuming me the past couple of days. Anyway, this post just feels obligatory because its so far after the fact, but here are the weekend actuals, in which Beyoncé crushed everything else in her path, as Obsessed found a fantastic $28.6 million. Honestly, when is this woman not successful? Everything she touches is gold! A lot of that success can probably be attributed to the recession. Audiences are down and depressed, so what better to make them feel better than a girl-on-girl catfight?!

Meanwhile, Fighting's debut once again verifies that Terrence Howard is, in fact, box office poison. There were no overwhelmingly huge grosses at the box office this weekend, but there was certainly some solid depth, with the top 6 films all earning $8 million or more in what's usually a terrible weekend in April! Things are going to get crazy next weekend with the debut of Wolverine! I can't wait!

Top 12 For April 24-26
Movie Title
3-Day Gross
% Change
1 Obsessed
$28,612,730 New $11,260
2 17 Again
$11,518,495 -51% $3,539$118,042,070
3 Fighting $11,024,370 New $5,468$11,024,370
4 The Soloist
$9,716,458 New $4,775$9,716,458
5 Earth
$8,825,760 New $4,892$14,472,792
6 Monsters Vs. Aliens
$8,520,826 -36% $2,537$174,813,830
7 State Of Play
$6,848,885 -51%
8 Hannah Montana The Movie $6,437,141 -52%
9 Fast And Furious
$6,204,940 -47%
10 Crank: High Voltage $2,618,379 -62% $1,178$11,735,952
11 I Love You, Man
$1,952,921 -41%
12 Knowing $1,943,154 -46% $1,045$76,780,504
All Numbers Provided By Exhibitor Relations Co.


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