Friday Estimates: Hannah Montana Earns $15 Million On First Day! Biggest Easter Weekend Ever?

on Saturday, April 11, 2009  

Steve Mason just posted his exclusive Friday Estimates over at Big Hollywood, and it looks like Hannah Montana The Movie could be headed for a $40+ million weekend! Of course, it will probably be front-loaded, as hordes of tweenage girls rushed out to see the film on opening night, so a $35 million gross seems reasonable. That would put the Disney film as the second-best Easter weekend ever, behind only Scary Movie 4's $40 million bow. Between the strength of Hannah Montana and Fast And Furious, which should grab about $28 million over the frame, and Monsters Vs. Aliens, which might find $20 million, we could be looking at the best Easter weekend box office of all time. In less exciting news, Seth Rogen's Observe And Report underwhelmed with just $4.3 million on Friday, and Dragonball: Evolution flat-out bombed with just $1.9 million. The should find $12 million and $4.5 million, respectively. Here are Steve Mason's early estimates (how does he get them so fast?!):

1. NEW – Hanna Montana The Movie (Disney) - $15M, $4,811 PTA, $15M cume
2. Fast & Furious (Universal) - $10M, $2,880 PTA, $99.25M cume
3. Monsters vs. Aliens (Dreamworks/Paramount) - $8.1M, $1,958 PTA, $126.5M cume
4. NEW – Observe & Report (Warner Bros) - $4.25M, $1,558 PTA, $4.25M cume
5. The Haunting in Connecticut (Lionsgate) - $1.7M, $625 PTA, $42.28M cume
6. I Love You Man (Dreamworks/Paramount) - $2.11M, $798 PTA, $54.7M cume
7. Knowing (Summit) - $1.95M, $667 PTA, $63.28M cume
8. NEW - Dragonball: Evolution (Fox) - $1.92M, $880 PTA, $1.92M cume
9. Adventureland (Miramax) - $1.1M, $586 PTA, $9.11M cume
10. Duplicity (Universal) - $750,000, $382 PTA, $34.6M cume
What do you think of all this box office madness? Did you think Hannah would break out this big, and how much do you think it will finish with this weekend? Let me know in the comments!


Anonymous said...

How could it not be number one, at least for one weekend?

Anonymous said...

I think it will be number 1 for the whole weekend I went there last night with my daughter it was packed .... and very good I think they did an awesome job :)

Anonymous said...

The movie is really great and really well acted. I predict to finish at about 39 million this weekend. I'm really surprised at anyone who is suprised at the movie doing so well. I read a lot of the estimates before Friday's release and was like obvioulsly these people either don't have kids or live under a rock.

Anonymous said...

I did not go but one of my little girl's friend went and the theater was apparently not so filled up as we thought it would be. The problem: not enough people have young kids for this Hannah Montana fiasco to last. In the end I heard she didn't even give it up... OBVIOUSLY!

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