The Buzz Meter: Dragonball: Evolution Lives Up To Its Buzz. Unfortunately, That Buzz Was Almost Nonexistent.

on Tuesday, April 14, 2009  

The experiment continues! In case you forgot, or didn't see the original post about the Current Cultural Popularity Index, it's a tool that I slapped together in order to gauge whether films were exceeding the buzz that surrounded them or crumbling beneath it. Well, I'm renaming it this week. It shall heretofore be known as The Buzz Meter. Here's how it works:

On Friday, I will look up the title of each film in Google News. The number of results that Google News accrues will serve as the News Rating for the Index. I hope all that makes sense. The rest is pretty simple.

Once I have gotten the News Rating for each film, I then look at the weekend gross for each film. Obviously, this will makes up the box office part of the Index. The final step is to divide the weekend box office by the Buzz Rating for each film. This resulting number is something I will call the Current Cultural Popularity Number. The higher the CCPN, the more that a certain film actually matters to audiences at any given time. The CCPN illustrates the extent to which audiences are consuming what the media is presenting them. I will rank the films by their Current Cultural Popularity. Here's the chart, followed by some notes:

The Buzz Meter
for April 10-12

Box Office
News Rating
(# Of Articles)
Current Cultural
Popularity #

Hannah Montana The Movie
$32,324,487 2,82911,487
Fast And Furious $27,237,905 2,8299,299
Observe And Report
$11,017,334 1,3778,000
Dragonball: Evolution
$4,756,488 8715,4608
Monsters Vs. Aliens
$21,812,253 8,3802,6033
Sunshine Cleaning
The Haunting In Connecticut
$5,901,215 2,7342,1587
I Love You, Man
$6,280,790 3,4491,821
Adventureland $3,353,618 2,6871,2489
Race To Witch Mountain
$1,908,670 1,7841,07011
$2,995,850 3,96375510

-Hannah Montana The Movie certainly lived up to it's buzz, with a high CCPN of 11,487, but it's not nearly the breakout hit that Fast And Furious was with its 25,000 CCPN last week! Just goes to show how absolutely HUGE F&F's debut was. It's still doing well with a nice 9,299

-The fact that Observe And Report and Dragonball: Evolution did rather poorly at the box office yet still have fairly good CCPN's of 8,000 and 5,460, respectively, shows one thing. The studios did not do a good job of promoting the film and exciting the media, for there were very few articles written for either film. In fact, they had two of the three lowest News Ratings, which is just not okay for a brand new film, especially when Fox paid $100-120 million to produce Dragonball!

-Monsters Vs. Aliens has the highest News Rating by FAR, which should push down it's CCPN, and yet it still has the fifth highest number at 2,603. The massive news exposure and good word-of-mouth from families is helping Monsters Vs. Aliens hold its own.

-Wow, no one but the media cares about Duplicity.

Once again, I'd like to ask you for some feedback. What do you think of the chart? Is it helpful at all or just kind of dumb? I'm genuinely interested in hearing what you think. Please give me some constructive criticism in the comments!


watch dragonball said...

Wow, Dragonball Evolution got that much?
There was so many fans saying that the movie was going to be bad before it came out, But I guess even though they new it was gona be bad, they went to see how bad it was gonna actually be, Bad movie I guess, because now they got a sequal to it

Grady Smith said...

I'm a but confused by your comment... don't misunderstand the chart, Dragonball: Evolution definitely flopped. But thanks for the comment anyway!

Krystal said...

Wouldn't it be better to use the weekend theatre average instead of the weekend BO in calculating the Buzz Rating? For instance, Sunshine Cleaning is not in that many theatres so of course its BO is lower & therefore its Buzz Rating as well. Maybe the Dragonball movie would have a much lower Buzz Rating if its theatre average were used in the calculation.

Anonymous said...

First of all the BUZZ was freakin huge its just not MAINSTREAM on tv its the online audience that are aware, second it flopped hard had it been done by good actors and the storyline not been ripped to shreds the movie woould have been right up there with the sales of twilight.

John said...

I'm confused about what exactly the CCPN represents. Its units are (Dollars/Weekend)/Article Hit. It seems that the buzz meter ranks a movie's performance relative to its buzz, not buzz itself. Also, unless you are implying that more articles means less buzz, this meter seems to function backwards. Finally, You can't use box office data as a comparison tool for box office data.

Grady Smith said...

John, you're somewhat right! All that the Buzz Meter does is measure a film's performance relative to its own buzz. And the CCPN is simply (Weekend Gross/# of Articles). More articles means more buzz! The Buzz Meter's main function is to measure whether a film exceeds or underwhelms compared to its buzz.

Anonymous said...

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