Boycott Harry Potter! While You Do, I'll Be At The Theater

on Monday, April 20, 2009  

So the final trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was released last week. How should I describe it?

I'm a little upset. Not because the trailer was bad. On the contrary, I'm upset because it looks so bloody great. It's one of the best previews I've ever seen. I was pretty upset when they moved it from November to July. I felt that Warner Brothers was grossly insulting the people that pay their salary. They moved the movie to when they thought it would make more money, and knew that the fans would be irate but then see it in droves. A part of me wanted to be that person screaming "Boycott the opening weekend!" and actually follow through with it. I'm now, however, incredibly excited about it, so I'll instead scream "Boycott opening weekend!" And we should. WB really slapped us across the face. But while you're boycotting...

I'll be in the theaters. I'm sorry, I just can't wait.

It's been too long since I've been swamped in Potter-mania. I spent years of my life checking for updates on the books and movies daily, scrolling message boards and discussing theories and ideas and fanfiction. God it was, dare I say, a magical time. Now I'm in college. The Harry Potter series graduated the same summer I graduated high-school. I haven't thought all that much about it since. I enjoy the movies, but never like I foamed at the mouth over the books.

However, now the movies are all I have, and this one looks fantastic. The Harry Potter movies have always been interesting to me. I tend to enjoy them more the more distanced I am from the novels. They have left out some very crucial stuff, and will continue to do so in this film (though, it seems they might have added something back, based on the trailer). They've done a fair job of capturing the tone; the first two were more light-hearted children oriented, and then they've become more intense and dark, much like the novels. They butchered the fight between Dumbledore and Voldemort in Order of the Phoenix, which was perhaps the biggest letdown in the series (they also made Umbridge way too important). Hopefully, Half-Blood Prince will be a spectacular movie worthy of the novel, which is, as hard as it is to judge, tied for second place.

This movie has a lot of potential, I hope it doesn't let me down like some of the others have (some slightly, some more so). I'm waiting for, when I'm older, a re-make of these that aren't afraid to make long, epic movies like Lord of the Rings. Until that day, these will certainly suffice.


Imani Haki Rasifu said...

Man, could you imagine Harry done LOTR style?
I'd hire Chris Nolan for a more serious tone.
Hopefully, Warners will re-boot Harry in 10 yrs.

Imani Haki Rasifu said...

LOTR is such perfect film making.
LOTR on BluRay=my making the BluRay conversion.

Reed said...

haha, nice!
I think, as I said, the tone of the film has been great. It started lively and has gotten gradually darker, as did the series. But there are always those things that remind me it's still somewhat geared towards children. The Werewolf in PoA, the overuse of Umbridge in OotP, and it appears that the Inferi in the next movie won't be as terrifying as they could be. I just hope some day they make the forth-seventh movies in long, epic, adult fashions.

Christopher said...

Gonna try my damnedest to boycott opening weekend. I've waited this long already right? What's a few extra days gonna change? I'm over the "mania" aspect the books/movies used to hold over me. I'm gonna use this chance to stick it to Warner while I have it. Yeah, they have the right to release it whenever they want. Well, I have the right as the consumer to not give them my money. Eff 'em. Maybe there'll be a leak like X-Men. Holy shit would I enjoy that.

Anonymous said...

i love you, you know

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